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In contrast to our best intentions, we will not try our best to overcome, organize, organize and control the evil and violence of our civilization, not less than the war of nature, but for the war of human nature. Only more separation, more violence, more hate. Martin Luther King “You can kill the haters” said, “But you can’t kill the hate.”

The master’s vehicles never rash the master’s house. The same applies internally. You can take yourselves to the war against the places you think is bad, but even if you win, the winners become new evils, such as Bolsheviks and Maoists. The self-estimation required by the will campaign is most ultimately not reflected in the external world.

Yes, of course, self-acceptance. . . The Concept is just about a cliche nowadays. However, in its full statement, self-accepting, self-loving and rebuilding self-confidence is to re-assemble self-confidence, how a good person is a good person. Let me tell you that as clear as it can: as individuals and society as the road to salvation for us, not less, it is more selfish.

No. What we see as selfishness is caused by an incorrect view of the self. Our cultural assumptions on who we are, has ridied us to us, revived an illusion of us. As a new self-understanding appears, selflessness will mean something quite different.

Are already illusion weak. We already see the security and success program that defines the winners in our community. For example, we see how financial independence has separated us from human society and that the technological insulation from nature is isolated from life society.

In an increasingly, the control program cannot benefit from the limited discrete and separate self of our illusions, as well as health, economy, policy and environmentally deteriorated. Indeed, Ironic, considering conspicuous goals of selfishness: Security, pleasure and fortune. Therefore, as collecturally and as individuals, the road to the golden future to us is not a sacrifice and effort, but also to awaken the one towards the end. In eating yoga, I wrote this idea by applying to food,

We normally find a distressing illusion when we examine the deeply as selfishness. I dream of a large pile of pile apple pile, sitting on the middle of a large orchard, ripe fruits, with ripe fruits and myself. Real selfishness is not a greater pile of more carefully; It would be to stop worrying about the pile and open to the abundance around me. We remain in the hell forever without such an examination, the new five thousand square meters of our home is that we don’t make us happy because what we really need was ten thousand square meters. On the other hand, it should first get something first to discover that it will not bring happiness first. Therefore, humbling selfishness is potentially a way to salvation and encourage you to be as selfish as possible. Don’t believe it or not, it really takes courage to be selfish. When the investment made to something is large enough, we don’t dare ask ourselves that we are happy with the fear of the answer. After reading at high school and college, I miss all these fun times, then all these medical years and as a trainee at night.

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