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From the other hand, after a year 5434, he completed his work depending on a social security establishment depending on a social security establishment depending on the public and the 8th Article 8 of the Law No. 2829, since the 8th Article 8 of the Law No. 2829, for the last time, the retired persecution is subject to retire. The pension bonus is not paid for their working periods.

Article 2 of the Constitution, it is stated that the Republic of Turkey is a state of law. The rule of law, actions and operations are based on human rights, protect and strengthen these rights and freedoms and strengthen these rights and freedoms and develops a fair legal layout in each field, and continue to the constitution, and to the judicial inspection with the superior rules of the law. is the state that is on.

In the Article 10 of the Constitution of the Constitution, the principle of equality in front of the law “is the same for the same ones. not acting on this principle, it is anticipated legal equality. The purpose of the principle of equality is to ensure that the people in the same situation is attached to the same process in the face of the law are to prevent discrimination and recognition of privilege. With this principle, it is prohibited to break the equality against the law by applying separate rules to whom people and communities found in the same condition. With the system adopted in the Law No. 2829, the service periods in different social security organizations are connected to the retired by the elderly pension with the objection to the elderly, the elderly is separated by the issue of the issue depending on the issue of the issue depending on the last time of the issue of retirement, subject to the Law No. 5434 The non-pension for the retirement bonus is contrary to the principle of law in Article 2, as it is contrary to the principle of equality in Article 10 of the Constitution. Therefore, the object of the object is contrary to Article 2 of the Constitution. Must be canceled.

Constitution in the third paragraph of Article 153 of the Law “, decrees and Grand National Assembly of Turkey Rules of Procedure or their provisions are repealed at the date of its publication in the Official Gazette of the annulment decision. Constitutional Court where necessary cancellation provision may also decide the date of entry into force. This date of the decision This rule is repeated in the Fourth paragraph of Article 53 of the Law on the Constitutional Court’s establishment and judicial procedure of the Constitutional Court. In the fifth paragraph of the Article, the Constitutional Court is stated that the legal aspect of the Constitutional Court will occur in the event of a violation of the public order or the case in violating the public benefit. As the abrogation of the objection to the phrase is seen in violating the legal benefit of the legal gap due to the ability of the legal benefit of Article 2949 with the fourth and fifth paragraphs of Article 53 of the Constitution of Article 153 of the Constitution, as a year after the publication of the decision in the official Gazette of the decision. appropriate to take effect.

A- 24.5.1983 Day, in the first paragraph of Article 12 of the Law, which is subject to social security institutions subject to Social Security Institutions, “Last time the last time of retirement chests subject to the last time of retired persons subject to the Constitution and the Constitution is contrary to the Constitution. To the cancellation,

B- The legal gap where the canceled phrasal is seen in a violating nature of the public benefit, 153 of the Constitution.

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